Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the HECK!?!?!

At the age of 13 I was babysitting kids, but never wanted my own at that age. I didn't even fully understand or think about sex yet. What is happening to kids now adays.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I will have been married for 16 years in two months. (April)
2. I have three boys and had resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't have a girl, and then got surprised after ten years with a little girl.
3. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis. He doesn't go out much or do anything anymore.
4. My favourite is one of my friends on facebook.
5. I was born in Toronto and lived in Toronto and Scarborough until grade 8. We moved to Ajax and I thought we fell off the face of the earth! I was so confused/upset/bewildered.
6. Never wanted to live in Oshawa, but here I have been for fourteen years.
7. I want to get enough money to buy acres of land in the middle of nowhere and build my own house using mostly recycled materials. I will use solar panels in this house so that I will be off the grid. I will also grow my own food and have my own livestock.
8. In order to get my number seven a reality, I started buying lottery tickets. I buy about $10 a week. I have spent about $50 and I keep winning free plays, $5, $10, or $15. Not exactly what I want, but Steve says I am doing well.
9. I wanted to be a singer growing up. I cannot sing!!! Two of my best friends became singers. One is professional, and the other is semi-professional. She sings in her church and other events. I am so proud of them both.
10. Because I cannot sing, I started to play musical instruments. I played piano, flute, and clarinet. I have been in many orchestras and have performed many concerts. I stopped playing when I had children. I miss it so much.
11. I always wanted to be a teacher. My whole life I did everything to become one. I did my co-op in high school in a kindergarten class, taught sunday school and Vacation Bible School, and babysat from the time I was 11. I was not allowed to go to college, so that dream ended.
12. I think I would die without my tv, the cable, my laptop, and the internet.
13. I am a shopaholic and have gotten even worse with a little girl in the house.
14. I have four brothers and one sister. My youngest brother was born when I was 16. He is four years older than my oldest son.
15. I would love a subscription to that PicNik program. I am on a budget for a while and cannot do it.
16. My hubby takes awesome pictures. I love his pictures.
17. When I was 17 my parents moved to Guelph. Well, north of Guelph. I think Fergus is closer. I refused to move due to the fact that I was still traumatized about the move to Ajax. All my family lives out West.
18. My dad is from New Brunswick. We used to visit NB every other summer. I love it there.
19. My dads mom moved to Brittish Columbia a few years ago. One day I would like to visit her there.
20. This is quite hard. I don't find myself interesting.
21. Steve named all the boys. I named Abby, but still had a lot of resistance from Steve.
22. My hair is naturally curly.
23. My biggest fear was that my boys would have curly hair. My oldest son has very, very curly hair. My middle son has wavy hair, and the youngest son has curly hair. (he straightens it).
24. My second biggest fear is that Abby wont have curly hair. She is still bald, so it is too hard to tell.
25. I drink at least 8 bottles of water a day.