Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Day

I was having a very bad day the other day.
Number one...
I knew my van had problems, but was not sure of the extent. Well....I needed new tires on the front of the van (I assumed that because the van swayed while we drove), the bearings on the wheels are toast, and the transmission has a leak. We spent $205 to get the new tires. We took the van to a mechanic to see what it cost to fix the other problems and got a quote of $700. $700 I do not have.
I am already overspent because car insurance was due. I borrowed to pay that. I am still paying that back.
Now Steve is going to fix up his Golf for us to drive in. LMAO. It is a five seater for starters and with the car seat in the back, the poor two boys on either side will be squashed. I am not pleased with this latest developement.
Number two...
I go on the website to look for Abby clothes. I found a lady selling ten cute dresses for $25. We agreed on a time and day. The next day she calls me with the excuse that her hubby threw out the dresses. I assume that she is lying, and found someone who offered her a higher price. I thought I was set for the summer. What a bummer.

I cried and then went to bed so that I could end my day.
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