Saturday, April 25, 2009

16 years and only one broken bone

Yesterday was my 16th wedding anniversary. I woke up around six am and was chatting with Steve. I asked him his evening went the night before and if he had any plans during the day. I had plans on taking him out for breakfast at this awesome breakfast restaurant. About 6:30 Steve looked over at me and said "I think Steven broke his arm". I was shocked that nobody said anything the day before, or even called me at work. I would have come home and taken him to the hospital right away. We got up, got dressed and Steven and I went to the local ER. After three very long hours later we walked out with a splint on Steven's arm, a diagnosis of a hairline fracture in the growth plate, and an appointment for the next Thursday to get a cast put on.
I got home around 10:45 and was so very hungry. Took Steve out to the cool restaurant called Eggscrepe. My breakfast was awesome.
I could have thought of a better way to spend my anniversary, but I spent time with little Steven and had fun with him.

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