Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Madeline Alice Spohr Novemeber 11, 2007 - April 7, 2009

It pains me to say this, but sweet smiling and beauatiful Maddie has passed away. Maddie was born prematurely and struggled to live. Unfournately after 17 months little Maddie lost her battle. Heather was doing the March of Dimes coming up April 25th. She had raised almost $3000, and after Maddie passed away she now has over $30,000. There has been an online of love for the couple. There is a paypal account to assist raise money to help the family to pay for funeral expenses and to help them live for a while. I will include links for you to look at.

This is Heather’s website. It was originally a blog to help keep family in the loop in regards to her pregnancy.

Heathers hubby’s site is here.

The march of dimes that is Maddie’s team is found here.

The paypal account is here.

Heather’s friend has a lot of info on her site and here.

Ktla did an interview.

You can send packages or mail to the UPS box:

Mike & Heather Spohr
11870 Santa Monica Blvd. #106-514
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

The outpouring of love is wonderful. I applaud everyone for assisting this family.
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