Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bite the Bullet

I am going to have to do it.

I really don't want someone else to:
do my laundry;
wash my house; or
take care of my family.
(Am i crazy?!?)

I need to work full time to support the fam so I need help with my chores. I do not want to relinquish my duties as a mom at home. But I so need the help.

Now begins the long process. I first have to make a doctor's appointment, make it around my schedule, take a reluctant hubby to the doctor, wait for Community Access to Care to call, have CCAC come to the house to assess the situation, wait for the results, wait for a home health agency to call, then come and assess, and then hopefully I will have help.

I am also looking into meals on wheels and a daycare once a week for the baby. Giving hubby some time to himself. He is not keen on these latter two ideas, but ..... life happens.
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