Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was raised by my parents to be a stay at home mom. They would not let me go to college or university to further my education. I was taught how to be a mom. With four younger brothers and one younger sister around that was easy. I always envisioned myself working part time so that I could be home for my children. i had a grand ole life planned out. My husband would have a decent job, we owned a respectable house, and had six children.

I fell in love with Steve in high school. Shortly after high school we found out we were pregnant so we got married. That shot down most of my dream. This wasn't how life was supposed to be. While Steve struggled with finding job, i was at home in a hole of an apartment with barely any furniture. Life in the first few years was a struggle, but we eventually got our footing. We had ups and downs, bigger and better apartments and then a townhouse, job loss, job gain, job loss, and two more children. Steve figured that after boy number three that was it. No more chances for a girl. I had two part jobs along the way, but they were not worth it due to daycare costs.

I decided to go to college to get a 'real' job. I took out a loan and went to the local community college. Going to college was a good idea/bad idea. Good idea because college helped to develop my character into a better person. Bad idea because after ten years I am still paying back the money!

After college I had a hard time finding a job. Go figure! So I went back to school to become a personal support worker. They are high in demand and I would be guaranteed a job. The course was six months and in less than two months after I graduated from that course I had myself a job!!!

I love my most parts of my job. The pay is good. I was working 6 days in every two weeks, with the option of picking up extra shifts if my work was short staffed. I got a lot of extra shifts. If I wanted to work I could and if I wanted to stay home I could.

The first year I worked was great. I worked, Steve worked, all was good. Then Steve had a bad MS attack. The attack brought him down and never let him get back up to where he was physically before. He couldn't work anymore, he wasn't walking, needed a wheelchair, needed a lot of extra care. This went on for quite a few months. Steve had never fully recovered from that MS attack. While he doesn't use his wheelchair often, he can only walk for about five minutes before his legs give out. He falls a lot. He still needs a lot of extra care. He is demanding and that trait made my life so much harder.

During this time we became behind in our rent payments. My in laws were helping us out, but with only me working, we just did not have the money. After trying to make payments and really struggling, we were evicted.

During the next few months there was a lot of fighting, moving, our house was in a storage unit, and I got pregnant.

More to come later. I think this post is long enough!
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