Thursday, August 20, 2009


I watch you fall because you have a loss of balance.
I watch you hurt yourself because of coordination problems.
I watch your mind never stop.
I watch the black curtain of despair descend over you.
I see your constant sadness, irritability, or tension.
I see your decreased interest in your usual activities.
I see your loss in appetite.
I know you have stiff muscles.
I hear your speech problems.
I know of your short-term memory problems.
I know that you have feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.
I know and have seen many more issues.

I try to pick you up.
I try to be your balance.
I want to be your rock.
I try to give you interesting and new things to think about.
I try to make life happy.
I try to think of fun activities for you to do.
I try to make good food for you to eat.
I would massage your legs and feet every day if I could.
I would speak for you if you would let me.
I try to help you remember.
You are everything to me.
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