Monday, August 10, 2009

Review your Product

I am a PR-friendly blogger who would love to host reviews and giveaways. I am dedicated to giving family-friendly product reviews. As parents of four, my hubby and I love to give our solicited opinion on every thing - And trust me, he has one! My children love to try new products, as well. If you think our readers should know about someone who makes products that are neat or unique, or you are an indie designer looking to get the word out about your amazing product, I would love to hear from you!
I'm pretty open to reviewing any product, so just ask! I've got a husband, an infant, a tween, two teens, and myself.
I require the full size sample because I don't just use products once and then review them. I will use the product many times so that I can properly endorse it.
The sample that I need is not returnable due to the fact that I will use it.
You will be responsible for any shipping costs involved.
I will post my review in about three weeks.
I strongly recommend doing a giveaway in conjunction with your review! If there's a problem with your product or I find it's not working, I will contact you and we'll see if we can troubleshoot whatever the problem is. I will not post a negative review.
I will not post about any products or services that we have not personally tested.
I accept all forms of event sponsorships and do not charge any additional fees for representing your company and helping you reach your target market.
We love to share travel stories with our readers and would like to visit new destinations as a family. If you would like my family and I to visit your destination, I would be happy to share my travel experience with a large audience. (Hubby needs wheelchair accessible accommodations)
You can also email me directly at momax3 at hotmail dot com.
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