Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pingles Farm

On the weekend we make the annual fall trip to Pingles Farm. It was a dairy farm that over time has converted to the present day bakery, greenhouse, market (Ontario grown produce, jarred goods, and giftware), wagon rides, play area, farm animals, bunnyville, and corn maze fun farm that we see today.

The boys were so excited! The first stop for us was the corn maze. The maze takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, unless you are extremely excited and run through from start to finish! Some of my guys did that. Th maze was Mosport sponsored so the picture from the sky was a racecar on a track.

We attempted to see everything and have non stop fun. We ended up staying for over three hours. Even the 'big boys' had some fun.

There was a cool man who put pumpkins and various other veggies into a cannon and then blasted them off. The pumpkin chunkin cannon show was really neat.

We picked a huge bag full of apples. I think the boys ate more than we picked! i was picking apples, looked over t the kids and they were ALL eating an apple!

Our last stop was to look at the pumpkins. We decided that we will come by closer to halloween, take the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, and pick us a couple of pumpkins.

It was so much fun! I cannot until next year. I just wish Steve could join us.
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