Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I remember growing up with the feeling that my parents were amazing, invincible, near perfect, organized, and always in control. I know for a fact now that I viewed my parents through rose coloured glasses but it was so very nice to grow up and to feel so secure with my parents. I never had to worry.

Now that I am a parent I truly wonder how thick my rose coloured glasses were.

I attempt to imitate the qualities that I admired about my parents. But I feel that my children do not wear the same glasses that I did and they can see every little flaw and blemish.

This personal quest that I am on leads to a lot of self imposed stress. It is a quest that, no matter what, I cannot end. So.....the stress never ends.

This quest always get really hard at Christmas time. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I remember growing up how special my parents made Christmas. If my parents had any of the same problems that I have, I never knew. My parents made Christmas was an incredible fantasy for us children. I endeavor to give my children the same as my parents gave to me. I want to see the wide eyed wonder Christmas morning when the children see all the presents that are for them.

I wish I were Superwoman.