Monday, March 14, 2011


The other night I had a little breakdown. My day was fine, and I an mot exactly sure why I brokedown. I guess I needed it.

I threw a few bowls and they smashed quite nicely on my ceramic floor! I had a bugger of a mess to clean up, but I didn't care.

I think that I have so much to bear, and I should get it out more often, but just in a better fashion.


I was harassed by my landlord to allow them to put in a new heating/cooling system into my unit. I was resisting this whole idea because i was going to:
1) lose a bedroom,
2) lose space in my living room and my bedroom,
3) I DO NOT like my house in chaos.

Darling hubby convinced me to allow the contractor to start his job in our house. According to the landlord/tenant act, I should have been given 4 months notice, or receive 3 months of rent free. I was so close to filing the paperwork, but Steve talked me out of it. He didn't have the energy to fight. What fight? I would have to do it all!

It was a huge mistake listening to Steve!!!!!

The first day was utter chaos. Random people just entering my house to do various parts of the job. When I went to work Wednesday afternoon, Steve and Abby were sequestered in my bedroom. i was so stressed out by this time. I got to work and was a mess. I knew I was a mess. My partner at work laughed with me about it on Sunday. She was concerned that night. I had Thursday off, so Steve, Abby, and I took off. We tried to pass time not being at home. It was really hard to do! If the weather had been nicer, we would have spent the day at the beach or a park.

At 4:30 Steve told all the contractors to pack up and leave within fifteen minutes. He got upset  because both bathrooms were getting blocked and Abby couldn't use one.

Friday, no one came by to do any work. My house was such a mess. I knew that no one would be here on the weekend. So I figured that things were almost done, and I cleaned up the huge mess that was left behind.

Monday comes and so do ALL the contractors. And so does all the mess again. Just kill me now!

The guys finished on Monday evening.

I really regret allowing there guys into my house. I have been so stressed, my house is a mess, and I still don't have my washing machine hooked up.