Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

I think I have just lived through the toughest 6 weeks ever! My story all starts on Monday August 1st.

Steve was upset and visiting his parents. I was alone with the kids, which doesn't bother me. I love any time we spend together. Steven asked  if I could take him somewhere. I agreed to. He grabbed the keys and left ahead of me. Abby was right behind him. The two of them hopped into the van before I got there. Steven wants to learn to drive. He starts the van for me when we go out. He was sitting in the drivers seat and started the van. I opened the sliding door behind him to put Abby in her seat, when the van started to move backwards. I yelled at Steven to put on the brakes, but since he doesn't drive he didn't know which  pedal was the brake. He accidentally hit the gas. The van jerked backwards. I grabbed the post that the sliding door closes onto and yelled to Steven how to stop the van. I saw the fence behind us and an electrical box. I was afraid that the van was going to hit them. After a few feet Steven got the brake on. What I didn't anticipate was what happened next!
The van jerking backwards suddenly and then stopping just as suddenly caused the sliding door to slam shut! ON MY HAND! I remember it not hurting so much and thinking I need to get that off my hand. I pushed to door off my hand. I am not sure what exactly happened to the sliding door, but it got stuck at the end of the track. When the boys tried to shut the door it came off the track. Here is my van a few feet on the road with a door on the ground. When I look back, I laugh. What a sight!
I looked at my hand and saw a huge bump growing. It got so big, I thought my skin was going to burst! I knew it was going to hurt bad soon, so I headed towards the house. I made it to my lobby and then collapsed. I was light headed and almost passed out three times. I am sure I passed out at least once. I dry heaved for a while as well. My hand hurt so bad! I was crying and could not get off the floor. My oldest son called Steve to hurry home. It felt like forever, but apparently he was home in about 25 minutes. As I lay on the floor, I was sweating profusely.