Thursday, July 25, 2013

Barbie Birthday

I LOVE parties! I love planning them and watching them come into being. I love deciding on the decorations. I just love doing it all!

In high school I toiled with becoming an interior designer. When I plan a party, I feel like the old me is scratching the surface and kinda makes an appearance. It feels good.

Abby's party theme this year is Barbie/Hot pink and zebra stripes.

I had a table set up for beading necklaces and bracelets, a colouring table, and the kicker was a Barbie backdrop that the kids could dress up and pose in front of. 

It was a busy three hours, but tons of fun! 

We have already started planning next years party!

the melting cupcakes
beading at its finest

Barbie candle

could not decide on what napkin to buy, so i bought all three

the goodies

who doesnt love candy

silly girls

more silly girls

the backdrop



picture hogs

even the adults wanted in on the picture!!
happy birthday!


birthday cake flavour ice cream

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

today is my 20th wedding anniversary with the love of my life, my best friend Steve Leitner. Wow. 20 years baby. time has flied, and time has stood still. we have had a lot of great times and some not so great times. My life is definitely better with you in it. Thank you for 20 years of putting up with me, thank you for my four wonderful children, and thank you most of all for loving me. My words cannot express fully how i feel, and i hope that my actions soon can speak for me. Love you tons and tons!!!!! your jenna

Sunday, March 24, 2013

how i feel

- I have to watch my husband’s health deteriorate
- I am the one who has to work full time to support a family of six
- I am the one who has to feed and bathe Steve when he needs the help
- I have to deal with his mental up and downs
- I get to hear the physiotherapist tell us what we need, fully knowing that we cant afford it
- My daughter is the one who gets to miss a lot of school
- My son is the one who is late for school a lot due to walking his sister to school
- I am the one who has to run to motion specialities to fix the tires that the snow and ice keep popping
- I am the one who gets frustrated because there is no suitable housing for a family in our situation
- I am the one who worries how we can make it through another day
- I am the one who cries
- I am the one who has to be strong
- I am the one who has a burden to heavy I don’t think I can carry it much longer
- I am the juggler
- I am the magician
- I am the mother
- I am the wife
- I am the caretaker

Friday, January 25, 2013


I have started my own business. I am making quilts.
Feel free to check out some of the examples that I have made.
Stop by my facebook page or my etsy page.
And lastly, order one! lol