Sunday, March 24, 2013

how i feel

- I have to watch my husband’s health deteriorate
- I am the one who has to work full time to support a family of six
- I am the one who has to feed and bathe Steve when he needs the help
- I have to deal with his mental up and downs
- I get to hear the physiotherapist tell us what we need, fully knowing that we cant afford it
- My daughter is the one who gets to miss a lot of school
- My son is the one who is late for school a lot due to walking his sister to school
- I am the one who has to run to motion specialities to fix the tires that the snow and ice keep popping
- I am the one who gets frustrated because there is no suitable housing for a family in our situation
- I am the one who worries how we can make it through another day
- I am the one who cries
- I am the one who has to be strong
- I am the one who has a burden to heavy I don’t think I can carry it much longer
- I am the juggler
- I am the magician
- I am the mother
- I am the wife
- I am the caretaker
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